Tuesday, May 1, 2012

(Redirect) Generational Armageddon: Teenagers are the End of the World

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  2. During my conservative phase in high school I read Mind Siege by the author of the Left Behind series. He was quite good at sowing panic about atheists and secular humanists taking over the world and how the more ground they gained the closer we came to the end times.

    I could never quite get why that was a bad thing. From what I understood, the end would not come until everyone had a chance to accept Jesus. And...


    How's the end a bad thing if you're on God's side?

  3. Every generation and life has a Beast, a lady in scarlet, four horsemen, and all of the other symbols if you look close enough. This is not to say there will not be a true end times; for all things must end. Just lake all of the little deaths the world goes through, that will still just be a change that requires something to go away so that something else may come to be.

    Most who fear the end fear it for one of two reasons:
    1. Change is scary, and revelation talks about REALLY scary change
    2. Not everyone is sure they are on God's side, or that God is on their's. There are so many mixed messages in many churches today between God being love and God spewing fiery judgement that it can be hard for some to believe both. Revelation tends to put most in the mood to just remember the latter.